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Who, what, how & where?

Who are we?

Complete Doorset Solutions (CDS) was founded in 2016 by Amo Ruprai, Alistair Rosier and Chris Williams.

With a sharp focus on quality, service and best value, we’ve achieved rapid but controlled growth since inception. We believe that growth can be attributed to our focus on personal service combined with a fully compliant product range and a flexible attitude towards winning together with our customers and clients.


This focus on the simple things has resulted in CDS securing a number of major landmark projects nationwide.
Our success to date and the increased demand for our products has led to the opening of our second production facility which we are delighted will be fully operational in Newtown, Wales, in January 2019.

All CDS products are BM Trada (Q Mark) and FSC® accredited and with the opening of our new facility in Wales, both this and our Latvian facility will be certified to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

As a CDS customer you’ll benefit from:

  • A fully compliant solution complete with independent 3rd party certification, providing peace of mind and reduced risk.

  • The highest product quality and consistency delivering maximum client/end-user satisfaction.

  • Single source supply reducing on site delays and simplified communication channels.

  • Fully finished product options reducing the need for painting on site and elimination of associated surface contamination leading to increased client satisfaction.

  • Reduced installation times that may contribute to overall time savings in the build programme and potential financial gains for the client/end-user.

What we do

As the name suggest, we specialise in the manufacture and supply of doorsets into the new build construction and interior refurbishment industries.

What is a doorset?

As defined by BS EN 12519, a door-set is a complete unit comprising of a door leaf (or leaves), which is pre-hung in a frame, and fitted with all essential ironmongery components. All of this is supplied from a single source.

One of the main benefits of door-sets is that they come ready for installation. They include ironmongery like latches, bathroom locks and hinges to drop-down seals, intumescent strips, locks, deadlocks, etc. 

Benefits of doorsets include:

  • Single source – With doorsets, every part of the door comes from a single supplier, helping to ensure compatibility and performance.

  • Easy installation – Doorsets are faster and easier to install than traditional doors and require fewer specialist skills. This can help to reduce onsite costs and the opportunity for error.

  • Reliable & Compliant– Doorsets are manufactured, tested and installed as complete units; this helps to ensure fire and security performance, as well as dependability for users.

  • Less waste – Factory production ensures more efficient use of materials and reduces on-site waste.

  • Quality control – Doorsets can be machined to exacting requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This ensures that our doorsets consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

How do we do it?

CNC technology allows us to accurately machine our doors and frames to accept the specified ironmongery as well as other essential components such as intumescent strips, glazing, smoke and acoustic seals.

Where do we do it?



• Third-party door blank finishing facility

• Production capacity of 250 door-sets per week in a single shift

• Workforce of 12



Full CDS brand door manufacture from raw material to finishing.

Production capacity of 400 door-sets per week in a single shift.

Workforce of 65

CDS is part of the Fusion Group

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