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Door Hardware

CDS offers a full range of doorset options all based around a solid core leaf (or leaves). Whether it’s a standard arrangement you’re looking for with no specific fire, security or acoustic requirements or a doorset requiring certification in respect of any one or a combination of these critical performance criteria, we can meet the brief.
Typically we offer fire doors to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120, whilst our security doors are all PAS 24 accredited. Along with these we also have the capability of meeting a wide range of acoustic requirements.

At CDS we recognise that many applications call for something a little different and it may not always be possible to meet a specification using a standard door size or type. For that reason we’re always willing to undertake project specific testing to provide our customers and clients the peace of mind they need, rather than relying on desk-top or indicative testing results.

As standard all CDS doors have a 10mm hardwood lipping to all four edges. Not only does this provide for a better quality finish and appearance to our doors but this helps to guard against moisture ingress to the core in areas of increased moisture such as bathrooms and wet rooms.

Security doors typically come with a thicker lipping on the two long edges, often up to 20mm, for increased strength and we also offer bespoke trimming detail when required.

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