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Vision Panels

CDS can produce a number of varied vision panel options. The option available will depend upon the certification levels required for your project. Some of our more popular glazing layouts include those below.

Document M
Approved Document M provides official government guidance on how to meet all building regulations in respect of access to and the use of buildings, with volumes relating to both residential and non-residential construction.

It is perhaps most commonly referred to in conjunction with the Equality Act 2010 in respect of the provision of disabled access. If your project has a requirement to comply with Document M (most do) the size and shape of vision panels is restricted and our technical team will ensure your specification meets the appropriate criteria.


If your project has a requirement to comply with document M the size and shape of your vision panels is limited.


Glazing offers a wide range of options and it is important to remember that your project requirements may limit the options available to you. Whether it’s wired, toughened, thermal, fire rated, non-fire rated, obscured or even a combination of these attributes our tech team are on hand to ensure your glazing meets all the necessary regulations and standards in delivering the overall design brief.


Beading options

Typically, our glazing is held in place using one of two beading methods, the most popular of which is a protruding, ‘bolected’ or hockey stick bead. For those preferring a cleaner look to the door face, we offer a flush bead too.

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