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Door Finishes

Veneer Finish Doors
By far our customers’ most popular choice, our veneered doors are finished to the highest standard using only ‘AAA’ grade veneers with matching lacquered lippings applied all four edges of the door – and of course, all accredited under the FSC® and PEFC schemes.

The veneers most requested by our customers include; Oak, Walnut, Ash, Birch, Beech, and cherry.

The way a veneer is cut from a tree provides a distinctively different appearance to the grain so it is important to specify which you would prefer at point of order.

We provide both quarter cut and crown cut veneers:
Crown cut veneers present a roughly symmetrical central grain pattern characterised by a crown or cathedral-like appearance to the grain.


Crown cut veneers are often seen as a more “attractive” option than Quarter cut veneers.


Quarter cut veneers have a closer, straight grained and more uniform appearance.


Laminate Finish Doors

HPL Laminated doors are growing more and more popular especially within the education and student accommodation sectors where the vibrant colour options can really set the look of a building off.


The Benefit of a Laminate faced door is the extreme durability offered by this finish, the range of colour and texture finishes and the ease of ongoing cleaning.

At CDS we offer our laminated doors with a choice of two lipping details;


Laiminated Door

CDS use three laminated manufacturers as standard, Eggar, Polyray, Formica. Should you have a request for an alternative we will be happy to source this for you.


Case study

Albert Road, RI Works


Residential development of 10 highend apartments with a requirement to replicate a door finish offered in the past by another door manufacturer presenting a dark wood effect laminate in a horizontal plain paired with a black ash wrapper MDF liner and architraves and a polished Stainless steel appearance to the ironmongery. Egger U999 ST38 Horizontal Black Laminate was used.

CDS sampled an Eggar laminate against the previous product supplied, the overall durability and appearance of the Eggar was superior to that which the customer had used in the past. We provided a sample of all of the required Ironmongery and obtained full sample sign off prior to proceeding with manufacture.
CDS supplied product to site as fully assembled doorsets, all flush and protruding Ironmongery was fitted prior to shipping.

PAS 24 certification was provided on flat entrance doors along with the required FD30 and 34DB acoustic ratings, Communal doors were supplied to FD60 including vision panals with a bolected bead in a primed finish for painting on site.

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