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Liners & Architrave

CDS offer and stock two core liner options, though we maintain a capability of engineering more complex options to specification.

Our flat back liner and stop can be supplied to meet the requirements of NFR, FD30 or FD60 variants, incorporating intumescent strips and smoke seals as required.


As can our rebated liner option can additionally meet the requirements of FD90:


Liner finishing options

MDF:  Real wood veneer wrapped, painting on site


Softwood: Real wood veneer wrapped, Fully paint finished or primed for painting on site

Hardwood: Lacquered, Real wood veneer wrapped, fully paint finished or primed for painting on site


In most cases architrave is supplied to match the selected liner.  However, where a hardwood or softwood liner is supplied primed for painting on site, customers may opt to have our MDF architrave separately in advance for final fixing and finishing.

Where specified, an additional option to have liners and architrave grooved to allow for inconsistencies in the surrounding wall is also available.

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