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Complete Doorset Solutions secured the internal doorsets on Canary Wharfs Newfoundland place residential development, one of londons landmark projects for completion in 2019.

Newfoundland Place comprises of 636 Apartments and over 60 storeys that is 220 meters or 729 ft tall.

Apartment entrance doors and frames supplied by CDS in an Alpi veneer provide a high end finish to this development, CDS carried out product specific testing on both fire and security with third party test houses in order to meet the projects specific requirements, overheight doors and complex frame details ensuring our tech team have been kept on there toes throughout the build. PAS24, FD30.

Apartment internal doors fully paint finished, hung in Primed MDF liners ready for painting. FD30 and NFR.

Communal doors in a mixture of fully paint finished and Alpi. FD60.

Project time frame Sept 2018 – Sept 2019

“Newfoundland is a massive project for us, one of London's landmark projects due for completion in 2019.”

Alistair Rosier Sales Director


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